In Search of Elusive Fall Colors

Fall colors weren’t very good in this part of Wisconsin this year. I don’t really know anything about the science of leaf color, but it seems that each fall is a little different from the last. This year the colors were quite uneven. Some trees turned color early, while others remained completely green. By the time some trees turned, others were completely leafless. There were splotches of color here and there, but there were no panoramic views of fall color to be seen. This was disappointing as Janesville, Wisconsin is on the edge of the Kettle-Moraine State Forest, one of the best places in the North America to see fall colors (according to a misinformed Web site I can no longer remember).

After driving around south-western Wisconsin with brother Jim (see looking for fall foliage, I decided to head south as far as necessary to find the elusive golden colors of fall. Somehow, I chose southern Indiana as my destination. Unfortunately, southern Indiana looked much like southern Wisconsin, although it is some 300 miles to the south. The photographic results were not exceptional. Nonetheless, I have posted a few of the Wisconsin and Indiana shots in the gallery below.

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