Cartoon - full-body scan

Full-body Scan

Cartoon - full-body scanI travel frequently to Oaxaca, Mexico. On my last return trip I was singled out at the Mexico City Airport for extra scrutiny by the security personnel. I’m told that passengers are chosen at random for the extra attention, but I don’t believe it because I’m often chosen. Maybe I look shifty, or perhaps my mustache makes me look suspicious. Who knows? In any case, on arrival in Dallas I had my first experience with a full-body scanner. Apart from the extra delay that these new scanners impose on travelers, they are just one more indignity we must endure to travel anywhere these days.

I won’t be surprised if someday soon thousands of the full-body scanned images will show up on YouTube under the guise of “the public’s right to know.”

One thought on “Full-body Scan

  1. The idea of a full-body scanner makes me uneasy. Similarly depicted in the cartoon of the blog, I feel that airport security could misuse the scanner when they are conducting “random checks”. In turn, abusing their power and the passenger becomes subjected to ridicule. Where is the line drawn between maintaining national security and invading our right to privacy? Is this a reasonable search? I’m creeped out.


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