Books Recently Read: A Summer of Fiction

Over the summer I read a number of popular books from various best seller lists. Here are my short reviews of ten of those. As you can see, I especially like a good mystery or detective crime novel. If you have read some that are not on this list, I would appreciate hearing from you about others that you think are good and those that … Continue reading Books Recently Read: A Summer of Fiction

A collection of crime fiction book covers displayed as a collage

Why Do We Like Crime Fiction So Much?

Take a look at the New York Times best seller list any given week and you will see that about a third of the books listed are crime mysteries. Americans, at least those who read and buy books, are in love with crime fiction. Readers of the genre will have different preferences. Some like the “cozies” in which the amateur sleuth, while getting in the … Continue reading Why Do We Like Crime Fiction So Much?

Collage of book covers

My 2013 Year of Books

I like to read contemporary fiction, especially mysteries. When it comes to reading, mysteries are my guilty pleasure. But this past year I tried to put the mysteries aside (for the most part) and read less pleasureful, but perhaps more thought provoking, literature. The annotated list for the past year is below. If you have read any of the following books and agree, or disagree, … Continue reading My 2013 Year of Books

2012 Books

My Year of Books – An Annotated List

My past year in books (from the end of November through November)  includes lots of escapist literature, but there are a few serious selections too.  Among the crime fiction I rate Keigo Higashino’s, Salvation of a Saint, the highest. For pure enjoyment in crime fiction I recommend the Dr. Siri series by Colin Cotterill. For the apex in literature there is Tolstoy’s War and Peace. … Continue reading My Year of Books – An Annotated List

My Year in Books – Hooked on Noir

What have you been reading lately? I have always thought that you can tell much about people by observing what they read (or in some cases, if they read at all). Thoughtful people, presumably, read thoughtfully written books. Frivolous people, in turn, read frivolous books. Perhaps, however, I should be a bit less judgmental about others’ reading tastes. In looking over the list of books … Continue reading My Year in Books – Hooked on Noir