Downtown Janesville, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Gorgeous Fall Colors

Fall colors here in southeastern Wisconsin have surprised everyone this year. Now past peak color, the countryside sparkled with bright yellows and golds. The dark red and umber of sumac adorned many hillsides along the edge of forests. In the towns, the maples were magnificent in their display of red and gold.  Local wisdom claims that the beautiful fall this year is due to the … Continue reading Wisconsin’s Gorgeous Fall Colors

In Search of Elusive Fall Colors

Fall colors weren’t very good in this part of Wisconsin this year. I don’t really know anything about the science of leaf color, but it seems that each fall is a little different from the last. This year the colors were quite uneven. Some trees turned color early, while others remained completely green. By the time some trees turned, others were completely leafless. There were … Continue reading In Search of Elusive Fall Colors