In the foreground a Chinese flag flutters in the wind looking toward skyscrapers in the distance.

China Galleries: Beijing

Several years ago I was fortunate to visit China three times. I made the trips in 2005, 2006, and 2008. On the first trip I was amazed at the incongruity between my expectations and the reality I found. Like others of my generation, I grew up during the cold war. I remember that my first passport stated explicitly that I could not travel to Cuba, Albania, or China. Not knowing what to expect, on arrival in China I would not have been surprised to see large numbers of people wearing Mao era clothing living in drab cities with little or no color. The photos of Beijing in the gallery below completely contradict that cold war mental image.

Most of the images in this gallery have appeared elsewhere on the Internet. But photographs on the Internet are like raindrops in the ocean, so it is unlikely that many have seen them. For the presentation here they have been completely reworked, making them size appropriate for current computer monitors. These photos were all taken in Beijing over the three trips I made. The gallery is organized with street scenes first, followed by tourist highlights and parks.

In time, I will post galleries of other Chinese cities.


Beijing, China 2005-2008




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