“Where are all the people?” — On The Use of Public Space

Several years ago I was driving in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin with a young friend who was newly arrived from China. It was her first time to the United States and she had been in the country for about a week. As we drove past a city park, which was empty, she turned to me and asked, “Professor Cottle, where are all the people? I don’t … Continue reading “Where are all the people?” — On The Use of Public Space

Shanghai, China - Pudong District Skyline

Who Benefits When China “Cheats”?

In this election season much has been made of the claim that China cheats economically, and because of this, we in the United States are worse off. Mitt Romney has made China’s cheating a major talking point of his campaign, and President Obama has recently filed trade violation actions against China at the World Trade Organization. For those who may not have followed these issues … Continue reading Who Benefits When China “Cheats”?

The Commuter

I take photographs and people often tell me they like the photographs I take. This is gratifying and I’m always grateful for any positive comments. I almost always like the photos that receive positive comments, but I notice that some of my favorites don’t usually evoke a response from others. Reactions to photographs, whether positive or negative, are highly individualized. All the so-called rules of … Continue reading The Commuter