A Year of Photographs

By Charles Cottle

I have had an interest in photography for many years. Although a few of my friends have known of this interest, most of the people I have known were unaware. About the end of June, 2020 I began thinking about this and decided to send about twenty of my friends a photo taken by me every day. As I was then 74 years old, I thought it was time for my friends to know a little more about me before I passed on. I decided to send out one photo a day for about three weeks and be done with the project. 

I started sending the photos about the first of July, but on the 22nd of the month I had a heart attack and open heart surgery. Three weeks later, after having survived the heart attack and surgery, I decided to continue sending the photos. But this time I decided to send them for the coming year instead of just three weeks. I’m not sure why I made this decision, but the heart attack definitely had changed my outlook on life. I now felt it important that my friends understand my aesthetic sensitivities as well as know that I was a retired academic with an interest in philosophy and social science.

So, I continued sending the photos through the month of July, 2021. All of these photos are in a single directory on the photographic web site that I keep on SmugMug. If you are interested in seeing any, or all, of these photos, you may follow the link below to see them. You will also have access to the rest of the public areas on the site. In choosing the photos I resisted including many photos of people or friends. Most are photos of places of general interest. I hope you enjoy looking at them. Here is the link.

Photos to Share

2 thoughts on “A Year of Photographs

  1. Thank you for sharing all the photos, Dr. Cottle! Just going through the photos from China brought back some amazing memories from the trip Gina and I took with you, and the rest of the group, in 2006. That trip is such an important part of my life and I want to thank you for leading that adventure. I hope everything is going well for you (and your heart)!



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