Snowy owl perched in a tree branch looking at the camera.

Winter Birds

At the beginning of March I learned there were snowy owls not more than ten miles from my home in Janesville, Wisconsin. In fact, they had been here since November, and I did not know. On receiving this news, I immediately grabbed my camera and headed out to the solid white tundra that had been last summer’s corn fields in search of the owls. Thankfully, this has been the coldest March on record so the owls were still here, basking in the sub-zero temperatures. Fortunately, I was able to photograph three separate owls, each on a different day. I also took pictures of a few small birds that I previously thought were sparrows. It turns out that they are horned larks. Here are a few photos.

4 thoughts on “Winter Birds

  1. Hi Charlie – nice photos (you must have a good camera 🙂 I’ve seen Snowy Owls along the Lakefront in Milwaukee, but not lately. They were hanging out on the island just east of the Summerfest grounds. The ones I saw were huge – I’d say 5 foot wingspans and were all white. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for Horned Larks. I saw a Peregrine Falcon not too long ago winging it’s way along the Oak Leaf Trail.


    1. Hi Mike – Thanks for the comment. Actually I took the pictures of the owls with my Kodak Brownie Starflash I bought in 1958. It’s a great camera, but nowadays it’s hard to get flashbulbs for it.


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