Along a very calm Rock River in Fort Atkinson looking east with the reflection of the sunset in the river.

A 2014 Calendar of Wisconsin Scenes For You

Dear Friends and kind readers please feel free to download my 2014 calendar of Wisconsin scenes for your personal use. The calendar is in PDF format and the images are suitably large for printing. Photos in the calendar are those shown in the gallery below. All except one of the photos are from southeastern corner of the state near the towns of Janesville, Milton, Fort Atkinson, and Whitewater. Here is the link.

I hope you enjoy it.

2014 Wisconsin Scenes Calendar

6 thoughts on “A 2014 Calendar of Wisconsin Scenes For You

  1. Hi Charlie thanks for the calendar; you got some great photos and poetic titles (Wind Turbines and Holsteins).



  2. Dear Charlie
    My name is Cathy Sharp – I remember you well playing in the orchestra at West High – I think you were 2 years ahead of me. I graduated from West in 1966.
    My life has been dedicated to the world of dance and theater. Since 40 years I have been living in Basel Switzerland. 15 of those years I danced at the Basel State Theater and have had my own dance company since 24 years. I alwso will retire at the end of 2014.
    Have always wondered where you went in life.
    Best wishes


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