Tundra Swans in a Corn Field

Two days this week (Saturday and today, Monday) I have driven from Janesville to Middleton, Wisconsin (about 45 miles each way) in search of a great grey owl that has been hanging out behind the Middleton Post Office for the past week. He was there on Friday and Sunday, but on neither day I was there. So, today after failing to find the owl, I decided to go to a spot between Milton and Whitewater on Wisconsin Route #59 that I spotted yesterday where water standing in a corn field was hosting a flock of tundra swans. I have never seen swans in a corn field before. I’m guessing these are on their way back to Canada and decided to take a break. Either that, or they took a wrong turn off the freeway. Three shots of the swans are below.

If you want to see the great grey owl in Middleton, take a look at Ricky L. Jones’ beautiful shots at flic.kr/p/e5u5JF.

3 thoughts on “Tundra Swans in a Corn Field

  1. Very nice Charlie – I’ve seen them in Lake Michigan, but not in a corn field. I’ve also seen an Arctic Owl a couple of times along the LM shoreline, but not recently. I’m guessing that’s a different critter than they grey owl you are seeking. The owl I saw was white, and huge; maybe a 5′ wing span.


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