Great Egret with wings extended forward - on a dead tree - overlooking a creek

Wisconsin Birds – 2013 Calendar Available for Download

For the last three years I have produced a calendar of Wisconsin scenes to welcome in the new year. This year the theme is birds. The 2013 calendar is available for anyone to download and print for personal use. The file is in .pdf format and it is large (about 8.5 mb) to make it suitable for printing.

Birds in the calendar are shown in the gallery below. None of these birds is unique to Wisconsin, but that is where I photographed them. Wisconsin, like most of the United States, is a beautiful place. I hope you find some of that beauty in these photos.

9 thoughts on “Wisconsin Birds – 2013 Calendar Available for Download

  1. Charlie: Just discovered your blog. Your photography is absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the 12 months of birds, and most of all the sandhill cranes dancing! – Mary Jo


    1. Hi Mary Jo – It’s nice to hear from you. Thanks for the kind comments on the photography. The dancing sandhill cranes photo was taken by Georgia Bauer. I’ll let her know you liked it.


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