Tree swallow sitting on a small branch against a blue sky

Tree Swallows Tending Their Young

Tree swallow sitting on a small branch against a blue sky
Tree Swallow

Since the middle of May, I have been tracking the progress of great blue heron chicks at a rookery in southeastern Wisconsin. Once or twice a week I wade through the tall grasses that border the rookery, carrying camera, lenses, and tripod. Each time I go, I hope to bring back dramatic photos and video of herons in flight, chicks being fed, or perhaps a chick learning to fly. Despite these high expectations, most of the time nothing much happens. For long stretches of time the herons just sit in their nests, not moving, conserving energy underneath the hot summer sun. Last week, while waiting for some activity among the herons, I spotted two tree swallows darting in and out of their nest in a dead tree. Below is a short video of their comings and goings. I’m guessing they were catching insects and feeding them to little ones inside the nest.

Video Notes: Canon 60D, Sigma 50-500 mm

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