View of cliffs of calcified rock and surrounding valley

Shameless Self-promotion – Viva Oaxaca Show

Four of my photographs of Oaxaca will be on exhibit during September, 2011 at the Fiskum Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. They are part of a larger show entitled, “Viva Oaxaca.” Most of the art featured in the show was  produced by the student participants in a workshop in monotype techniques taught by Professor Max White in Oaxaca during July, 2011. In addition to the work of the workshop participants and my photos, the show also includes prints by Professor White and drawings by Professor Michael Flanagan.

The exhibit will be on display from September 8 – October 4, 2011. Thanks to Michael Flanagan and Kim Adams for hosting the show.

Here are the photos. In each I have tried to present a different aspect of the beauty of Oaxaca.  (Click once for a larger size. Click twice for full resolution.)

Front view of Santo Domingo de Guzmán Church - Two towers bordered by large complex of buildings
Santo Domingo de Guzmán Church – Oaxaca de Juárez
View of Teotitlán del Valle
Teotitlán del Valle – Village of Weavers
View of cliffs of calcified rock and surrounding valley
Hierve el Agua – near Mitla, Oaxaca



A Dancer from Ejutla de Crespo, Oaxaca - Yellow skirt billowed - She is facing the camera.
Guelaguetza 2007 – Dancer from Ejutla de Crespo, Oaxaca

5 thoughts on “Shameless Self-promotion – Viva Oaxaca Show

    1. Gracias por su comentario tan agradable. Si quiere ver más fotos de Guelaguetza y de Oaxaca, se encuentran muchas en el sitio :

      No conozco Ejutla de Crespo. Nada más he pasado por ahí. Un día me gustaría conocerlo. Ya ví su sitio Web. Es muy impresionante el trabajo que hacen por el pueblo.

      Saludos, – Charles


  1. Very impressive bio and list of interests on the About page. I’m pleased to meet you and looking forward to visiting your site often. Thank you for starting on my site at the beginning – not too many people do that.


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