Power house worker adjusting a steam pump

How Can We Create Jobs in the U.S.?

As we approach the end of this campaign season, both candidates are talking about jobs. It’s about time. The employment outlook is still bleak. Unemployment is running around 8.5% nationally, and is much higher among the young and minorities. It appears to me that neither Democrats nor Republicans have advanced any truly convincing ideas of how to create good permanent jobs for the currently unemployed. … Continue reading How Can We Create Jobs in the U.S.?

Shanghai, China - Pudong District Skyline

Who Benefits When China “Cheats”?

In this election season much has been made of the claim that China cheats economically, and because of this, we in the United States are worse off. Mitt Romney has made China’s cheating a major talking point of his campaign, and President Obama has recently filed trade violation actions against China at the World Trade Organization. For those who may not have followed these issues … Continue reading Who Benefits When China “Cheats”?