Phot of U.S. Capitol at night with captions: The Shutdown is Over. The Debt Ceiling Has been Lifted. - Until we do it all over again in 90 days.

When Politics Become Personal

Now that the latest manufactured political crisis is over, we can breathe easier for a couple months. We don’t have to worry about the government being shut down or a default on U.S. debt – until the next set of deadlines in about 90 days.  Are we are supposed to feel good, until the crowd in Washington decides to do it again? And chances are … Continue reading When Politics Become Personal

Fruitcake Is Never Out of Season – Especially the Kind with Nuts

Conversation overheard last night at the Home Town Buffet in Janesville, Wisconsin. You know that guy, Adam Lanza – the one who they said killed all those children in Newtown. Well, I think he was set-up. I think the government did it. You know governments kill more people than anyone. And now the government wants to take away our second amendment freedoms. Isn’t it refreshing … Continue reading Fruitcake Is Never Out of Season – Especially the Kind with Nuts

Cartoon showing obese youngster before and after the large soda ban in New York City.

Big Gulps, Obesity, and Political Philosophy

When is the government justified in making laws that have no purpose other than to protect us against ourselves? Mayor Bloomberg of New York City ran headlong into this question last week when a judge struck down the New York City ban on the sale of “large sugary drinks.” For those who don’t follow U.S. local news, in September 2012 the New York City Board … Continue reading Big Gulps, Obesity, and Political Philosophy