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My 2013 Year of Books

I like to read contemporary fiction, especially mysteries. When it comes to reading, mysteries are my guilty pleasure. But this past year I tried to put the mysteries aside (for the most part) and read less pleasureful, but perhaps more thought provoking, literature. The annotated list for the past year is below. If you have read any of the following books and agree, or disagree, … Continue reading My 2013 Year of Books

2012 Books

My Year of Books – An Annotated List

My past year in books (from the end of November through November)  includes lots of escapist literature, but there are a few serious selections too.  Among the crime fiction I rate Keigo Higashino’s, Salvation of a Saint, the highest. For pure enjoyment in crime fiction I recommend the Dr. Siri series by Colin Cotterill. For the apex in literature there is Tolstoy’s War and Peace. … Continue reading My Year of Books – An Annotated List