Sandhill Cranes – Courtship Dance on a Cranberry Bog

The cranes and herons have returned to southern Wisconsin. Hundreds of sandhill cranes have been spotted near Whitewater, and great blue herons are now building and repairing nests at a rookery near Fort Atkinson. In celebration of their return, and the advent of spring, I am posting a remarkable set of photographs taken by my friend, Georgia Kestol-Bauer. Taken several years ago, these photos capture … Continue reading Sandhill Cranes – Courtship Dance on a Cranberry Bog

Portrait of Maestro Juan Alcázar. He is wearing a white guayabera and a dark hat.

Remembering Juan Alcázar

Last week Mexico lost a great artist and art educator. Maestro Juan Alcázar Méndez passed away on Thursday evening, February 7, 2013 due to progressively deteriorating complications of diabetes. Born in 1955 in the state of Oaxaca, Alcázar’s prodigious artistic talent propelled him to an early career in the arts. He entered the School of Fine Arts at the Autonomous “Benito Juárez” University of Oaxaca … Continue reading Remembering Juan Alcázar

How to Succeed in Bureaucracy without Really Trying – Part 1

Bureaucracies in contemporary U.S. society are as American as apple pie. Those who think they are wasteful, inefficient, unproductive, and incomprehensible, should just get over it, because they are here to stay. Almost everyone in professional life has worked, at one time or another, in a bureaucracy either in the public or private sector.  With a few adaptations to ordinary forms of human interaction, all … Continue reading How to Succeed in Bureaucracy without Really Trying – Part 1

View of archaeological ruins at Monte Albán near the city of Oaxaca

On Tourism Photography – Oaxaca, Mexico

In an earlier post I noted that for me the photos I take while traveling tend to fall into one of three categories. These are: Subjects seen in the tourist destination, but not seen at home; Subjects seen at home, but not expected to be seen in the tourist destination; and, Subjects that are expected to be seen both at home and in the tourist … Continue reading On Tourism Photography – Oaxaca, Mexico